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SPOT is a POS software system used by dry cleaner owners. SPOT provides its users with various features including, customer relations manager, CustomerConnect AutoDial, front counter operations, inventory management, real-time reporting, staff management and much more.

BeCreative360 integrates with SPOT to help dry cleaner owners send out review requests to their customers. This integration allows you to automate review requests and review generation, saving you time.

Once your BeCreative360 account is integrated with your SPOT account, BeCreative360 will pull the first name, last name, email address and phone number of your customers based on certain defined triggers. BeCreative360 also pulls customer service representative information so you can track which reviews belong to which CSR. Once your customer information is captured in your BeCreative360 account, review request SMS and emails will be automatically sent on a daily basis. This helps you collect a constant stream of new reviews, boosting your search engine ranking and giving you more visibility to prospective customers.

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