New Neighbor

Welcome your new neighbors and
invite them to use your services.

New Neighbor Program

Make first contact

Potential new clients are moving into your neighborhood every week, and time is of the essence. It's of the utmost important to make first contact! We'll generate a list of all new neighborhood tenants every week. We'll also design branded mailers to send to these new people, so you can be the first dry cleaner to reach out to them once they're moved in. We handle the printing and the mailing of each postcard, as well.
Reach out to them with BeCreative360s New Neighbor Program in just two easy steps:
1. Select your geography:
  • area code
  • zip code
  • carrier route
2. Select your demographics:
  • age range
  • home value
  • household incom
New Neighbor Program includes:
  • new neighbor list generated weekly
  • address printing
  • first-class postage
  • delivery to the post office
The cost is only $.95 per postcard mailed.
Branded postcard design and print extra.
We create for your business to create more business. Let's get started! Call us at 949.270.1609.