Michelle De Fevere

Customer Service Representative

Hi, I'm Michelle! I'm an identical twin and her name is Rachelle. Growing up our family called us "Hey Twin" because they couldn't tell us apart. I'm a mom of two beautiful daughters, Chelsea and Alexis. They're by far my biggest accomplishment in life. I enjoy staying active and adventurous as I can. I enjoy hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, snow skiing and I'm looking forward to roller skating again too. I enjoy reading, so anything non-fiction. I'm a big movie buff. I'm a fan of Romantic comedies, horror films and Christmas movies. "Christmas Vacation" Best Christmas movie ever!

My favorite time of year is Fall & Winter. Fall because it's FOOTBALL SEASON! GO COWBOYS! I love the changing of the leaves. Winter because I like the cold weather, Uggs, jeans, sweaters and twinkling lights. I enjoy cooking, Jazz, Disco and R&B music, Does music get any better than that?? When I want to be a foodie, it's always Mexican food.

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