Matt Ehrmann

Senior Copywriter & Social Media Strategist

Hello, I'm Matt. Here's a random list of things I like, in no particular order: Godzilla, Batman, Shamrock Shakes, David Bowie, leather jackets, old school wrestling, Kurt Vonnegut, the Beatles, Haruki Murakami, fitness, Prince, Berlin, Final Fantasy 7, 60's spaghetti westerns, and icons.

I'm told I have a way with the written word, and I'm fortunate enough to have a company like BeCreative360 to pay me to sling them. I've been happily employed as Senior Copywriter and Social Media Manager since 2013.

In my free time, I enjoy all of the things I mentioned above as well as play guitar in several bands and take part in improv performances. I currently reside in lovely Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC.

Godzilla David Bowie Final Fantasy Cloud Batman and The Joker Randy Savage McDonalds Shamrock Shake
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