Jacqueline Ford

Senior Graphic Designer

Color. Typography. Design. From business cards to brochures and logos to full corporate branding, Jacqueline Ford is your girl! I start and finish each project with the same positive outlook as if it were my own. As a Senior Graphic Designer, I know that it is my job to help others grasp their ideas, bring their concepts to the next level, and create a design full of life. I love design and anything that involves being creative.

Graphic Design is not the only field I like to use my creative skills in; I also like to dabble in chocolate making, dog treats, and athletics. Although chocolate and dogs don’t mix, I find it easy to juggle the two. I have a pup of my own named Bmo, as seen, he’s quite the handsome fellow. He’s definitely the highlight of my day, even when we fight over sleeping arrangements. Creativity is a key part in my life, whether it is on the job, making chocolate creations, or simply trying to beat my dog to our favorite spot on the bed!

Jacqueline Jacqueline's Dog Bmo Jacqueline's Dog Bmo Jacqueline's Dog Bmo Jacqueline's Dog Bmo Jacqueline's Dog Bmo Chocolate chip shot glasses Melted chocolate drizzle Chocolate shot glasses with peanut butter Chocolate covered strawberries
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