Danny Vazquez

Graphic Designer

Hey! I'm a graphic designer here at BeCreative360. I'm responsible for making sure your promotions look good. I absolutely love design. I live it and breath it. Here are a few things about me, just so you can see who I am. I love food, but who doesn't, right? A well prepared meal can do so much for me. I love the textures, the flavors, and the smells of a dish that is well prepared to be the best representation of said dish by the chef. There's so much depth as to why it was prepared in this fashion or another...well, you get the point. What happens when I love it? I take a picture, of course. Pictures, yes, I love to photograph everything. Not with my phone though, I take my camera everywhere with me. It's something that really relaxes me and has allowed me to capture certain moments the way I want to remember them.

What else can I say about myself... I love to play video games when I have the chance. Oh! I'm a huge hockey fan, GO DUCKS!

Cityscape at night Dessert Flower Grilled Kebabs Carne Asada Steak Tacos
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