Brian Ngo

Web Designer

My name's Brian Ngo. I work for BeCreative360 as a Web Designer. I'm responsible for...

  • Maintaining performance of existing client websites
  • Suggesting improvements on design and functionality
  • Diagnosing and rectifying performance issues
  • Maintaining continuity throughout all websites both technically and creatively
  • Providing aftercare support for clients on assessing the performance of their sites

I'm a creative web developer with 12 years of experience in a variety of exciting projects. I have a level head and use a rational approach to problem solving combined with a passion for innovative and fresh ideas. It has led to a portfolio of impressive website solutions. I'm technically competent and industry aware so that each project is undertaken with the most up-to-date and relevant programming foundations available. I've got a passion for minimalist design and I love helping brands create beautiful online experiences for their clients. My other skills include web development, responsive design, SEO search engine optimization, and social media marketing.

I taught French and Martial Arts Taekwondo back in my home country of Vietnam. I was also a professional rock musician when I was 15 and I performed all over the world, including Russia Olympic Mascova 1982, Germany, Europe and most of the Old Communist Countries (Hungary, Bungary, Stalingrad).

I came to the USA in the 90s and studied at Mission College & San Jose University, CA. After that I became a web designer and front-end web developer living in San Jose, CA.

1994- SaveSmart sold to Microsoft
2000- I worked for HP as Web Designer Internal Website for six years.

After 9/11, I moved to New Orleans. In 2002 I owned two hotels in Biloxi, Mississippi, however, they were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina after two years. I then opened a 60,000 square foot store called the Furniture Stop Import & Export, which included Motorcycles & ATV. I eventually sold to my partner, moved back to Orange County, and worked for a Internet Marketing company: Web Search USA for nearly five years as Web Designer.

Brian performing with his electric guitar The band at the Blackstone San Jose Concert Jingle Boum Concert Brian's fish tank Brian and his wife in Sydney 2014
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