Here at BeCreative360, one of our most popular services is reputation management. We know that your business is defined by what people are saying about you. No longer do we live in an age where your service can speak for itself; now, there are thousands of voices on review sites like Yelp! and Google vying to speak to your potential customers about your business. Moreover, they can say whatever they want with no one to stop them!

If that doesn’t inspire you to start thinking about your online reputation, maybe these facts will: 92% of customers are reading online reviews and 68% say that positive online reviews, even from strangers, make them trust a business more. And as we all know, trust breeds loyalty and customer loyalty drives sales. A strong online review presence will also help drive your sales by encouraging better performance in search results. There are multiple factors determining where you show up on Google, but recent reports show that reviews are the 5th most important! So there’s no denying its significance, but you might be wondering how you can you craft a more comprehensive strategy. Here are three easy ways you can improve your online reputation:

Solicit Reviews
Don’t be scared to request reviews – most people are happy to give their feedback when you ask. Make sure you are not paying for reviews, as that would be unethical but rather try a more genuine approach of obtaining feedback to improve your business. Your regular customers will surely give you a positive review, boosting your overall rating, and it offers unhappy customers the opportunity to start the conversation in a sincere manner.
Respond Immediately
The value of online reputation is not only in those glowing 5-star reviews, though, but in your prompt response to the negative ones. Every negative review is an opportunity – an opportunity to learn about your business’ shortcomings, as well as an opportunity to convert a frustrated customer into a loyal advocate for your excellent customer service. An immediate and understanding management response to a bad review can re-engage that customer and change their initial impression, and often times, even their review. Reach out to them ASAP, listen to what they have to say, and then try to fix it.
Leverage Your Feedback
Many businesses hire secret shoppers to come into their stores to figure out how they can improve. With online review sites, however, every customer is a free secret shopper observing your business and providing their feedback. Don’t let that go to waste! Use their comments to identify any ongoing patterns and make the necessary changes to grow.
One of the best tools on the market for reputation management? Our ReviewMyDryCleaner platform. Our review generation software will send out requests to your customers and direct them to leave a review on either Yelp, Google, Facebook or the leading industry review site for dry cleaners, With our platform, not only do you get an instant notification every time you receive a new review online, but you also are able to respond to your customers directly from our site. An RMDC account comes with exclusive platform access, branded public microsites dedicated to each of your locations and tools to boost your site’s SEO.

Get in touch for more info on our ReviewMyDryCleaner reputation management service to grow your business and take control of your reviews online!

Post Author: Jeremy