So you’ve claimed your Google listing, post regularly on your Facebook Page, and made your website mobile friendly, but you’re still not showing up in Google’s search results. Don’t fret! This is a common issue we hear at the BeCreative360 command center. While the exact Google search algorithm is purposely hidden by Google itself, we’ve managed to unlock a few key pieces to the equation. Comprehensive social media strategy and positive online reputation are great ways to boost your ranking, and that’s a fact. However, one thing you may not have thought of is fixing your online business listings. Your listings include all the basic data about your business that customers are researching – name, address, phone number, and so on.

Nowadays, 4 out of 5 customers are researching businesses online. The internet is essentially a large directory of business listing sites – you know the main players like Google, Yelp, Yahoo!, and YellowPages already. But did you know there are thousands of other listing sites out there where people can access your business information? That means there are potentially incorrect business listings for your business. 73% of customers say they lose trust in a business when they find incorrect information online. Suffice to say, this is bad.

Not only are erroneous online listings hurting your sales by deterring potential customers, but they’re also hurting your SEO! Search engines are consulting all these various listing sites before aggregating and displaying search results, and every time they register information that doesn’t match up, your search ranking goes down. Think about it this way: would you trust a business with one phone number on their website and a different one on Yelp? Not likely. Google doesn’t either. When Google sees different listing information on different sites, it does not trust your business and therefore won’t recommend to customers in search results.

The solution? Fix your business listings! Standardizing your listing information across the board allows Google to confidently put your business in its top search results. However, that is potentially quite a bit of work. You could spend hours, even days, manually updating your information on every site. can let us, BeCreative360, take care of it for you with the mere click of a button! Scan your business now for free and see how your listings appear online. Our Business Presence tool will identify any errors and fix them using your correct information so your business listing is consistent across the Internet.

Fix your presence today and watch how your search engine ranking & sales jump! Click here to scan.